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Euro 2012 – Expedition Mode



So, Euro 2012 has finally been officially announced as DLC for FIFA 12 but there is one new feature in particular which we’re sure you’re all curious about – Expedition Mode.

Details are a touch scarce right now, but this is what we know so far.

At the start of Expedition Mode you select your captain, this can be your FIFA 12 Virtual Pro if you wish or any player from any European nation of your choosing. Once your team captain is selected you’ll then be able to configure your teams name, kit and badge. Once this process is completed you’ll be randomly assigned a selection of Europe’s poorest players to fill out your first 11. You can randomise this selection any number of times before starting the mode proper.

Once your team has been assembled your domination of Europe can begin. One of the analogies EA used when talking to us was that it’s similar to Risk (the board game) in that you’re attempting to conquer Europe nation by nation but instead of using a country you’ll be using your own custom team and you’ll have to work your way across the map, playing against the neighbouring countries of places you’ve already beaten. You acquire better players for your squad beating other nations. So if you beat France once, you get randomly given a member of their squad players. Beat them twice and you’ll get one of their reserve players, beat them a third time and you’ll be given a member of their first 11.

Slowly but surely your European Dream Team will take shape but given that the players you receive are randomly distributed there should be plenty of variety on offer rather than everyone cherry picking the best players. It should make formation selection quite interesting too because you’ll want to tailor your line-up to the strengths of the players you’ve picked up across Europe.

Expedition Mode is still somewhat of an unknown quantity at the moment, but it certainly sounds like an interesting alternative to the standard Euro 2012 tournament play and it’s the mode we’re most interested to try out. We believe this will be an offline mode only but that’s yet to be confirmed.

So, thoughts on Expedition Mode, interesting prospect or poor mans Ultimate Team?


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