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Eurogamer.com Compares FIFA 10v10 To PES Legends


As we all know, FIFA 09 features Be A Pro mode where you can play as a single footballer, and PES 2009 also features a similar mode called Become A Legend. Both have their pros and cons, and today Eurogamer features a comparison of the two.

We know that Be A Pro Seasons only lasts for four seasons whereas Become A Legend lasts for ten or more, and Become A Legend also puts you on the bench occasionally when you start first-team matches whereas in FIFA you never start on the bench and you’re never substituted. But on the flip-side, in Be A Pro the players will actually pass the ball to you occasionally (whereas in Be A Legend the AI seems very reluctant to give you the ball until you’re a superstar), and also you can play 10v10 online whereas in Be A Legend you can only play 4vCPU online. And, of course, FIFA has the gameplay that everyone at FSB is in love with at the moment.

But don’t take our word for it; take a look at Eurogamer’s review.

What do you guys think of Be A Pro so far?

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