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Eurogamer Not Happy With Ultimate Team


As much as we love the Ultimate Team DLC, there’s no hiding from the fact that if you can only play FIFA in the evenings you will have found it difficult to connect to the servers over the last two weeks. Not only that but if you do manage get on you might find you can’t browse through cards for trade, your tournament progress gets “stuck”, your results are disregarded, or even worse – your entire team goes missing. For all the talk of problems being worked on, there hasn’t been a lot of progress so far.

But when the mode does work it’s usually so much fun that none of the big gaming websites have commented on the downtime and the bugs. Until today that is, because Eurogamer have spoken out.

While it’s a bit harsh – EA are updating people via their Ultimate Team forum and their community manager’s Twitter, for example – you can understand the frustration.

FIFASoccerBlog has now sent off a list of the community’s concerns to Paul Hossack, head of the Football Live Team over at EA SPORTS. If we get a response, we’ll let you know.

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