European PS3 Sales Surpass 22 Million


Sony has today announced that PlayStation 3 sales in Europe have surpassed the 22 million mark.

“PS2 across our territory went well over 50m units. We’re at 22m on PS3. So there’s lots of life in that still to come.” stated new SCEE boss, Jim Ryan.

The announcement follows last week’s global price cut, which saw Sony reduce the cost of the 160GB PlayStation 3 from £249 to £199 and the 320GB version from £299 to £249 in the UK. When you combine that price reduction with upcoming heavy hitters such as Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3, you can be sure that Sony will be looking to build on that 22 million sales figure very quickly.

“The new price for PS3 will make the console accessible to a broad range of new consumers. It was essential that we supported it with a heavyweight campaign. The announcement also kicks off a busy period with major campaigns for Resistance 3, DanceStar Party, PS Move, the new PSP and Uncharted 3.” said UK marketing director, Alan Duncan.

By “heavyweight campaign”, we’re guessing he means we can expect to see PlayStation 3 releated adverts quite often over the next few months!

Source: MCV

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