Eve Online Gamers Run Riot


It’s scary how much like real life Eve Online can be. Almost every aspect of the hugely popular sandbox MMO is player driven, ranging from the economy and market prices to who ‘rules’ a certain section of virtual space. However, angry gamers are literally rioting over CCP’s recent decision to implement microtransaction items.

According to masses of reports spreading like wildfire across the internet, the Eve community is on the verge of collapse. Some of you may scoff at the thought of a video game having protests and demonstrations, but Eve isn’t just a video game. The title has been plastered across news website’s (and even television) plenty of times, due to deceitful scams and betrayals resulting in thousands of in game currency being stolen. The biggest scam carried out in Eve was the result of years of planning, and equates to $170,000 worth of virtual ‘isk’ being embezzled. The Eve Online world can be an extremely harsh environment, and deserves to be taken very seriously.

Now players can legally spend their real life cash on vanity items introduced in the latest ‘Incarna’ patch. However, the price of these item’s is literally dizzying. For example, a skirt can set you back $30 and a simple monacle $68. Understandably the Eve community is very peed off, and don’t appear to be letting this slide. Shrogun, a long time Eve player and NGB reader, reports the following:

“Thousands of players in Eve have revolted after the new microstransaction shop called the “Noble Exchange” was released in the new Incarna patch. They’ve stationed themselves in Jita and Amarr (locations in the game) and have closed down the 2 main trading hubs in rage, due to the new shop. Players have started shooting at a Memorial building.”

Thousands of players attacking the memorial.


The game has literally been shut down. As Shrogun states, the two main trading hubs are on complete lockdown, meaning player’s can’t purchase or sell their wares. There has been no word from CCP yet, and in all honestly, we have no idea what action they will take. For a game that has it’s own real-life elected council, you can expect the developer’s to reconsider their decision very sharpish!

We will be keeping up to date with any updates that emerge and as always will keep you informed. Many thanks to Shrogun for the reports and screenshots.


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