Even More Arkham City Characters Announced!


In what appears to be a never ending quest to get every one of Batman’s mates into Arkham City, Rocksteady today released new information about two more!

First is the loveable Penguin (some of you might remember Danny DeVito playing him in the 1992 classic) and there is a great little trailer showcasing him, as well as a little peak at Solomon Grundy towards the end! This trailer also shows off some more of the incredible moves from the new and improved combat system we will see in Arkham City (it looks amazing, end of).


The second character to be announced was a nice bit of eye candy, in the form of Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Batman’ s arch nemesis Ra’s al Ghul as well as the Bat’s bit of squeeze, and the supposed mother of his child! Whether of not Ra’s al Ghul or Damian Wayne will make a show in Arkham City is still yet to be seen though.

Rocksteady also announced that Talia will be voiced by none other than Stana Katic, off the hit ABC show ‘Castle’!

Batman: Arkham City is set for release across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 21st so make sure you grab yourself a copy! Maybe even shell out for the Collector’s Edition, and as always, keep your eyes skyward looking for the NGB logo glowing in the clouds for more information about Batman: Arkham City!

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