Every Wondered What Life Inside Valve Was All About? Well Now You Can


Valve to many, are renowned as one of the best developers out there and so many fans would love to know more about the inside workings of a great development studio like Valve. Now you can in the form of the ‘Valve Handbook for New Employees.’

All new employees at Valve receive a handbook which helps them settle in and get accustomed to life at Valve. In a post over at the flamehaus forums, a member posted an email from Valve’s Greg Coomer revealing the reason for Valve producing a handbook for new employees. Coomer said the following; “We wrote this book to make it as easy as we could for new people to join the company. It was fun to capture these thoughts and put them all in one place.”












You can read the ‘Valve Handbook for New Employees’ by clicking here.

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