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Evolution of Edit Mode


For PES, the road back to the top has been a slow one. In the past, Konami had built a brand that excited gamers and finally gave them an amazing game play experience. However, an enormous part of that success was down to an unintentional hero.

Edit Mode was introduced to try and make up for the lack of licenses in game. You could edit the team kits, names, and even players appearance to match up to their real life counterpart. West London Blues became Chelsea FC and so on and so forth. But this didn’t simply apply to real teams and players; the ability to create your own club and build it around yourself was a personal favourite of mine.

Each year PES evolved, so did Edit Mode, adding new kit designs, better editing tools and more. But recently the changes have stopped. The last few editions of PES have all featured identical versions of Edit Mode. The mode that had made PES what it is was being shunned and left out in the cold. Edit Mode had been a staple of the series, giving PES something completely different to competitors. FIFA are too restricted by their own licenses to be able to offer a viable and deep enough Edit Mode; this is an area that belongs exclusively to PES, and yet no improvements have been made in recent years. In all honesty, it’s an area that the loyal PES fans want to see improved. We enjoy editing, it is a part of the Pro Evo experience.

The potential in Edit Mode, even after all these years, is still massive. Konami in the past have been limited by technology, but there is no excuse now. PES 2014 needs to refocus some of its priorities. Instead of making confusing changes to other Modes (Removing League Mode, “magic boots” in Master League) the concentration should be on improving the modes that made PES what it is.

The best part about Editing in PES is that over the course of the years they have not limited you to the editing features. In the past, editing boots were a part of the options, and more recently even stadiums have been included. Editing boots has since been removed in favour of licensed boots and while having more licensed material is never a bad thing, the mix of official license and custom edits has always been great. Why not keep editing available for the generic Konami boots? Let fans create new colour ways and designs just like kits.

Other issues that have popped up with Edit Mode in recent times are the lack of slots for kit designs, emblems and face scans, as well the face scans themselves. Since Face Scans were introduced, we went from being happy to have this new ability, to being pretty sick of the poor quality results it produces. While a face scan is literally that, a scan of a face plastered on top of a generic PES model, the actual quality is good, until you press finish. You spend all this time finding a photo, scanning it in, placing it perfectly, adjusting the colour, and then when you finish, the quality of the scan is drained of any life it once had. This is an area that Konami have been thoroughly beat in. FIFA offer a far better approach with their Game Face feature. Scan your face in on their website, and create a 3D model of your face that will work with all of their sports games that feature Game Face. If Konami can come up with a concept that can match, if not beat, EA’s Game Face then they will please a lot of fans.

The lack of slots for graphic enhancements is an issue more for option file makers than most PES fans but it’s still something that needs to be improved in order to improve further the quality of future Option Files. The PES community have very talented Option File creators. These are the fans from various sites, including our own, who are exceptionally skilled at creating option files that come as close as you can to official licenses and updates. @DJDaymos & @gtmpesworld from Only Pro Evo have both released outstanding Option Files to the public. Then we have our very own @WENBEditing team who did an amazing job with our WENB Option File. These files are being made with the limited tools at their disposals, imagine what could be achieved if Konami actually put some thought into Edit Mode in 2014? Obviously the new Fox Engine will play its part and hopefully Konami will make changes this year and not wait for the next-gen consoles. The option file editors work extremely hard to achieve their desired results, improvements to the mode along with extra slots can only help them even if it creates more work.

As well as this, It’s not just about the editing, it’s about what you have to edit. Fans have been crying out for more empty league slots to create existing top leagues or even second divisions. More lower tiers really needs to be introduced. As it stands, the most popular second division to be featured in Option Files is the nPower Championship. This is fine if you are playing a Master League with a Premier League team. But what about if you are Barcelona? Or PSG? Then you still have to deal with championship sides being promoted into your league. This would be solved with a lower division for every top division in the game. Compared to it’s rivals PES have a fraction of teams on it’s roster and it needs to boost it’s numbers soon. This is a massive blow to authenticity as it stands and it is as important as any other aspect of PES.

What needs to be realised is that Edit Mode helps improve the authenticity of every other mode. No one wants to play with unlicensed teams, so give us the tools to make editing easier.

They say you shouldn’t live in the past, but at this point a bit of the past is exactly what PES needs.

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