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Exclusive WENB Interview: PES Producer Manorito Hosoda


We have a real treat for you guys courtesy of our WENB brothers at Spain and Italy. An interview with the producer of PES, Mr Manorito Hosoda.

Simply put, Enjoy this fantastic interview held by WENB Spain and Italy!.

PES 2015 is a PES title that goes back to it’s key roots, whilst also offering a new beginning for the series. How will you evolve the gameplay going forward? What are the main priorities for the PES team?

I think the player movements will allow more freedom. We are focusing on ball players first, and then develop defenders that go against them. This will continue to be centric to what we work on, but also focus on defending and attacking off-the ball. Overall we hope to make it possible for the user to do anything they can actually do in real football. Also we work to make a team strategically function, not just individual player movement. More details will be announced soon, so please stay tuned.

Are you working on new patches to change the gameplay in PES 2015?

Not for now. After many years we feel very confident we’ve created a football that is truly PES, and the awards we received back this up. Our fans are very passionate, but a small change can have a negative impact on other areas, so we have to be wary of the positive vs negative impact a pacth could have.

PES 2015 saw the introduction of myClub, which has been welcome by many. Our community has asked for improvements to be made going forward, such as the ability to buy players via a dedicated database. What are your thoughts on this?

We think it’s a possible option in the future, it’s down to the feedback we get really. The balance for the mode is needed.

Many fans are still calling out for more stadiums to be included in PES 2015 via future DLC. Will there be any new stadium additions?

We all understand the importance of stadia, and more are included in our upcoming datapack. We will continue increasing them in our series. More news next week!

The Fox Engine has finally made its Next-Gen introduction with PES 2015. How are you developing the engine going forward. Have you thought of additions such as Dynamic weather or Improved Visuals?

We can’t share details yet, but there are plans.

PES 2015 was the first title that worked side by side with the UK Studio, in which many (WENB included) helped shape the player database. How has working with community sites on the database improved it, and can we expect more improvements in the future?

Thank you for your help, there are still improvements we should do but it was a great start for a new feature. We hope to add more player details and individuality to collect so there will be more to expect.

A large section of the community has asked for a full manual filter when playing online. Will this be in PES 2016?

We will consider further.

The J-league season kicks off in March. Will there be a chance of obtaining the license for PES in the future, or does the license stay exclusive to the Winning Eleven series in Japan?

There are no plans to take the license worldwide, but I personally would like to if there are strong demands from our users.

The Fox Engine has been great for many aspects of developing PES. A lot of fans would like to see strides being made in the Impact Engine. Do you plan on evolving the Impact Engine in PES 2016?

Fox engine is very important to us PES. The engine advancement will impact us on many levels.

A lot of fans play PES purely for the fun of going online to play their friends and others around the world. How are you expanding Online for the future?

Online modes are the heart of the newzx generation of consoles. What’s new PES fans can expect in the future for the PES Series? As you mention, Online is very important for the new gen. Everyone is always online through many devices, so there will be a different level of communication and gameplay environment.

The AI has been a big part in PES for years. How are you going to advance the AI going forward?

IA is a key feature of PES. How will evolve PES Team the IA concept on Next-Gen console? AI has advanced so much in PES 2015. It leads to possibilities to have true to life managers, scouts, agents to get nvilved in strategy and individual ability. Real football has more data in numbers, so in the future it makes it easier for us to work together.

When playing PES or any other football game, a lot look at the authenticity and how the games ‘feel’ compared to real life games. Are you going to improve the authenticity for future PES titles?

Football fans love the authenticity and feel of TV football broadcasts. Is there any plan to have more cinematic/broadcast effects in future versions of PES? Yes, we understand the importance of authenticity ourselves as football fans too. PES aims to provide our users the fun while playing football, and also the excitement to support your favourite team. Cameras, noise, chants, to the sound the ball makes, we try to include as many presentations to create the authentic stadium atmosphere. We will try more features in PES, so please wait for further news.

Again, a big thank you to WENB Spain and WENB Italy for conducting this interview, and of course Mr Hosoda for agreeing to take part. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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