Experience E3 Live From The Uplay Lounge


Ubisoft are giving their biggest fans the fantastic opportunity to experience this year’s E3 expo like never before.

12 ‘Uplay Ambassadors’ will be invited to join in with the show at E3 where they will get the VIP treatment, including all-expenses paid travel, access to the E3 show floor, a ticket to the Ubisoft press conference and exclusive meetings with Ubisoft’s development teams. Ten ambassadors will be picked from among the most dedicated members of Ubisoft’s games’ communities, and two members will become ambassadors by winning fan contests. This lounge will be inside The Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles

There will also be an additional 1000 invitations to the Uplay lounge for Uplay members. These lucky people will have hands-on time with games from Ubisoft’s E3 lineup as well as time to discuss their favorite titles with Ubisoft’s teams, compete against other fans and win prizes. These invitations will be chosen by players who pre-register here

Want to know how you can get to be one of the lucky ambassadors at E3? Well there are two contents to enter which are as follows:

  • The Uplay Fan Art Contest. Uplay members can show their talents by creating fan art based on their favorite Ubisoft titles. The jury for the contest is composed of members of Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio, and the winner will not only become an ambassador but also will have his or her art animated by the Montpellier team. More details are available here. This competition ends on April 30th.
  • The Uplay Fan Video Contest. Participants can submit a video in one of three categories: Cosplayer, for creators with amazing costumes talents; Competitor, for the best speed-runners or most skilled players; and, Filmmaker, for fans who want to show off their filmmaking talents. More details are available here. This competitions ends on April 30th.

Be sure to let us know if you will be trying to become one of the lucky few via the comment section below.

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