F1 2010 Gameplay Videos Hit


The team behind the up and coming next-gen version of F1 2010 let people from the press experience F1 2010 on March 17th in London with a sneak peek of the game which is set to be released during September at some point. We have seen a few screenshots from the event in London over the past few days but we have some video’s for you guys to check out that i come across on youtube. After watching the video’s, im shocked at how good this game looks, i really am. The 3rd video down shows some amazing looking weather effects and some of the best ive ever seen in a racing game. From what ive seen so far of F1 2010, the game is looking like a dream and from what people are saying (that were at the event), it seems to play like a dream as well. The video’s are below –

Thanks to F1Badger, F1aktuell, SpontsXF1 and simracingworld for the videos.

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