F1 2010 New Video On IGN Tomorrow


Hey guys, here is some news on Codemaster’s F1 2010. A video is coming on IGN tommorow here is what Helios the community manager on the Codemasters Forums has said.

Hi all,

I know pretty much everyone here is very eager to see more of F1 2010, so I thought I’d post a quick update regarding our next round of updates which are due out tomorrow to coincide with the F1 2010 reveal event in London!

Due out on IGN at around 9am (UK Time) tomorrow we have going live, the first in a series of developer video diaries, 3 new screenshots, and finally an extensive feature about the game, written by Martin Robinson who is IGN’s resident racing expert.

The first dev video due out tomorrow will give you an introduction to the game as well as introducing some key members of the dev team, and during the video we’ll also be showing off in-game footage along with various insights into how the game is being made. All subsequent dev videos after the first will then each focus on more specific elements of the game in greater depth.

However as well as the above we also plan to release special community focussed editions with lengthened running times of all of the dev videos bar the first introduction video, allowing us to go much further into detail about all the great and innovative features you’ll find in the game.

Make sure you spread the news to any other F1 gaming fans you know, as I’m sure they will be very interested to see what we have been up to

So stay tuned as we will post the video on the blog as soon as we can.

Thanks to Danny275 on the KitanaMedia Forums for bringing this to our attention.

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