F1 2010: Weather System “The Most Advanced Ever Seen In A Game”


F1 2010 features “the most advanced weather system ever seen in a game,” according to Codemasters.

Speaking to TVGB, Codies’ communications manager Andy Gray has explained exactly how the system works and how it affects the most important part of the game, the racing. It’s far from just pretty clouds.

“We strongly believe that the dynamic weather system in F1 2010 is the most advanced ever seen in a game,” said Gray. “Not only does it look great but it will also have an effect on the way your car handles, the AI and of course your race strategy.”

That the elements will have such a profound effect on the racing is thanks to the level of detail Codemasters have poured into the circuits. “The weather system feeds into our Active Track Technology, which means that the track knows how much grip there is every 30cm squared,” said Gray.

“The same is true for the amount of water on the track. That means that there isn’t just a uniform amount of grip around the entire circuit. If it starts to dry up then you will see a definite drying line being created as the cars displace the water.”

He continued, “You’ll then overheat your tyres if you stick on this dry line while on wets, so have to decide whether you need to pit or whether you will just use puddles off the line to cool the tyres in an effort to nurse them to the end.”

This is great news for F1 2010, this game is set for a Sept. 2010 release.

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