Fallout Loot Crate incoming!


What’s better than loot? Why IRL loot of course

Fans of Fallout and Loot Crate rejoice as the two powerhouses of entertainment have joined forces to create the Fallout Crate. The Fallout Crate is set to be a Wastelander’s dream packed to the brim with exclusively licensed items. The first themed box focuses on the mysterious Vault-Tec and includes 4-6 items of apparel, gear or other collectables.

Fallout Crate will also feature an exclusive lineup of figurines based on companions from the games, with Fawkes included in the first crate. Each box will also contain a piece of power armour that slowly builds over the duration of the subscription. If you fancy placing a pre-order you’ll also snag yourself a Mini-Nuke USB hub!

You can find out a bunch more information about the nitty gritty over at lootcrate.com alongside registering your interest to be notified as soon as the crate goes on sale.


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