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Famitsu Review WE2010 : Blue Samurai


With all the PES2011 news and discussion dominating this last week, and with more on the way come June compliments of Eurogamer and PSM3 amongst the others, it is easy to forget that Konami also have Winning Eleven 2010 : Blue Samurai due for release on May 20th in Japan. Rest assured that WENB still have ‘Blue Samurai’ on our radar.

With that in mind we thought it worthy to post up that Famitsu have reviewed the game and have scored the PS3 version 34/40, with the PS2 and Wii versions scoring 30/40 and 34/40 respectively. Things looking good, with a solid showing for the game in it’s first review.

Expect more detailed content and comment from WENB once we get our hands on the game shortly!

A huge thanks to KAiWAi from the forums for this spot.

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