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Fancy Entering Our PES 2010 Online Tourney?


Something WENB has stayed away from is the online tournaments and competitions. Some what down to the perceived quality of the online experience, and because it’s not something we’re known for.

In an effort to change this, staff member danny275 has decided to try and get the WENB community involved in PES 2010 online tournaments. So here’s the deal:

We’ll have a competition starting on the 31st January. Each round will last 3 days (i.e You have 3 days to play your match). We need either 8 or 16 people. In the event that we get less than 16 but more than 8, the first 8 people in here who have said they’ll enter will be in the competition. Currently the tournament is for PS3 users.

Simple as. We’ll see how it goes, and if the community is indeed open to online tournaments we’ll do more. You never know, if it REALLY takes off we could do something with PESRANKINGS.

The future, is down to you 😉

Click here to enter, and good luck!

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