E3 2012: Fancy Spending £50,000 On DLC In About 6 Weeks?


Has your curiosity been tickled enough for you to click on this post? Well then perhaps Peter Molyneux’s latest foray into the games industry since leaving Lionhead Studios, “Curiosity“, could be the game for you.

Just what are he and 22Cans (his very own studio) playing at then? How can DLC cost £50,000?

Well, Curiosity is said to be the first of 22 experiments on the way that are set to help shape and design an as yet untitled game due for release in 2 years time. Each experiment is designed to explore our very own methods of using/interacting with Social Media. This first experiment is set to arrive on PC and Mobile devices in about 6 weeks.

Speaking to New Scientist, Molyneux revealed that Curiosity will see all players in one virtual room. The goal will be to tap away at a single cube placed in the middle. As each player does there bit to get inside the cube, fractures will appear and the surface will slowly slip away. The number of taps it will take is unknown to us regular folk, but we can assume it will be a number most of us would get bored counting to. Once the final tap on the cube is inflicted Molyneux claims something “truly amazing, absolutely unique” will happen. Unique to who I hear you ask? The one player who gets the last hit… Every weak MMO players worst nightmare.

This is one of two main parts that Molyneux is interested in. How is the player that made the final tap going to prove that he/she did so? Equally how is the news going to spread over our good friends Twitter and Facebook etc?

The second point of interest comes in the form of DLC. As the cube reaches its final stages, players are going to be able to buy a limited number of chisels that increase strength. The more pricey the chisel, the more damage it will do. An Iron Chisel will set a player back 59 pence and will do damage 10 times more powerful than a regular tap. At the other end of the scale, Molyneux has said that there will be a one of a kind Diamond Chisel lthat is 100,000 times more powerful than tapping and costs the big £50,000!

Don’t worry guys, Molyneux understands that this is a pricey purchase but claims “This is not a money-making exercise; it is a test about the psychology of monetisation.”

The goal is looking to see if human curiosity will drive players to buy the Diamond Chisel be it a solo purchase, or a syndicate paying for the chance to see what is inside the cube. All I know is that curiosity is blamed for killing the cat… but then again it also made the kitten.

Source CVG

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