Far Cry 6 – Preview


So it’s been a minute since I last “attended” a gaming event. But I was pleasantly surprised to get the opportunity, via our friends at Impact Over Number’s, to be a part of a virtual preview event for the upcoming Far Cry 6. The title was meant to be released back in February but due to the global pandemic it has seen multiple delays and we hadn’t seen too much of it. 

Let’s dive into what Ubisoft showed off and then I’ll lay out my thoughts afterwards.

Ubisoft describe Far Cry 6 as their most ambitious open world project yet. You are located in Yara, Isolated and frozen in time for over 50 years after war, on the verge of collapse. It is here that we are introduced to it’s leader, Antón Castillo, who desperately wants to return Yara to the glory of it’s prime days. 

But to achieve his dream, he has clamped down on the people’s freedoms, cast out those who speak against him into forced labour and has oppressed the people he rules over.

It’s our job to take him down as main character Dani Rojas, a young military drop out, who wants to get out of Yara. But after coming face to face with Antón’s brutality you are convinced to start a revolution to take him down and find a purpose in becoming a guerilla fighter.

You will work along side Clara Garcia, Leader of Libertad, the rebellion faction who wants to take back Yara from Antón as well as Juan Cortez, Guerilla Master, who had helped build Libertad from the ground up. He is a master of invention and architect of the revolution. 

Now let’s talk a little more about Yara. Yara is the biggest open world ever in Far Cry, Ubisoft says it feels like an entire country not just a region headed up by the Capital city of Esperanza. It’s a living breathing world with secret paths through out for guerilla fighters. There are a vast array of vehicles available for land, sea and air giving you heaps of choice to explore Yara. You can also holster your weapons so you can interact with the world without being spotted as an enemy. 

However it’s not as simple as traversing. There are checkpoints scattered around Yara controlled by Antón Castillo which you’ll need to avoid. Antón also has cannons monitoring the skies which shoot down anyone unauthorised, so you’ll need to destroy them to travel freely by air. FND bases are all around the country, which were former public buildings, capture them back to reclaim what was once the peoples. 

You then have Guerilla camps which act as a hub for your character and are a completely safe space. It’s here that you’ll learn about Guerilla Fantasy. How to make your enemies feel like there is one hundred of you when there is only one. 

You’ll also learn all about Resolver Philosophy. It is used when thinking about weapons and vehicles. Making what you need with what you have and inflicting maximum chaos with those tools. Ubisoft want to empower players to create meaningful gear. You can spec for whatever style of play you decide, wether you want to tank heavy damage or go for a more stealth approach. 

There are 49 military grade weapons to choose from which are all fully customisable. and then you have Resolver weapons. You can create all sorts of weapons like for example nail guns or machine guns that are powered by car engines! Then you have Supremos. These look like backpacks but can be activated to unleash a devastating special ability, like the Exterminador, which will blow up any reinforcement within a certain range. As well as all these tools you’ll also get throwing knives, healing syringes and EMP grenades to disable electronics around, filling out your arsenal.

As you progress and pick up new pieces of armour you’ll get perks that are tied to the armour allowing for even greater customisation for your builds. As an example some helmets will give you added targeting for your weapons.

Then you have Guerilla Rides which are customisable cars. You can truly make them your own and as deadly as you want further tieing into the theme of customisation that seems to be at the backbone of Far Cry 6.

Finally the last thing we were shown were our Amigos. You can choose between Guapo the crocodile and Chorizo the miniature dachshund. Your Amigos will help you in combat situations as well. Guapo can straight up devour humans where as Chorizo is all about lulling your enemies into a false sense of security while you do the damage. 

Far Cry 6 want to give players more tools than every before to live up to the Resolver Philosophy we spoke about earlier.

Right, now let’s get down to my brief thoughts on it all. In short, it looks incredibly promising. We have an almost entirely customisable game, from your weapons, clothes, vehicles and even side kicks. Which means we have a game that really allows you to choose how you play it. How you travel, how you take down or even just avoid enemies and how you reclaim Yara. It’s a really exciting prospect to see how to all comes together. 

Yara itself really does look impressive and I’m keen to see just how alive the world really is. Ubisoft’s claims are big and bold and if they can live up to them then I believe players are going to be really pleased with the results.

Plus as an owner of a miniature Dachshund in real life, Chorizo alone makes this game a must buy for me!

Ubisoft are attempting something really ambitious and competing with the likes of Rockstar for the biggest, baddest open world around. They are giving us as much customisation as you anyone could ever want and a story and characters that I feel I can genuinely invest in. I cannot wait to see the final product for Far Cry 6.

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