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Farewell from Asim


Time to say goodbye…

Today (Friday 26th February 2016) my time heading up WENB will come to an end. It’ll be a bittersweet moment for me as on the one hand I move onto a fantastic opportunity (hope to announce soon), but I’ll be leaving behind a place that’s close to my heart.

I still remember receiving a call from Adam Bhatti (now at Konami) after I left GodisaGeek, proposing I join Kitana and start up a general gaming site (NGB). I did that, and am extremely proud of what the team and I have achieved. What I didn’t know is that I’d eventually end up taking charge of WENB once Mr Bhatti departed. Having been a fan of the site and its content (especially the podcasts), it was a bit daunting, but I’d like to think I’ve done a good job. In my time here, I’ve tried to diversify the content we produced, moving forward with way people consume content on the Internet. Just like with NGB, I’m extremely proud of the video, audio and written content the team and I have produced. We’ve broken traffic records and even had a video reach over one million views. I’ve enjoyed every single second of my time at WENB.

A big thank you to you everyone that has read or watched anything on the site since its inception, you have kept me going. Thanks for the comments, both good and bad (there’s been a lot of this). It’s all appreciated. Apologies to anyone I’ve ever offended in the heat of discussion. Hey, what can I say, I’m a passionate PES fan, and I know you care as much as I do! Special thanks to Adam Bhatti, Suff, Gari and Adam Neaves. The first two, thanks for welcoming me into the Kitana team, giving me immense support and showing me so much love. Running WENB has been like being part of a big family, it really has. These guys have been there for me, supporting me no matter what. Thanks. I have so much love for these guys and all of you. I’m genuinely going to miss working on WENB.

Moving forward, I ask you guys (the readers/watchers) to keep supporting WENB and our content. Suff and Bryan will be taking over my duties, and I know they will continue doing what WENB does best; bringing PES fans the best and most in depth content. Like the fan I was before I joined the team, I’ll eagerly await the next written piece, video and podcast. PES! 🙂

Once again, thank you and farewell.


Joint Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful place. Over 10 years of games industry experience on all sides of the fence and more! Huge Metal Gear fan and all-round geek.