Fatigued Gamer – Titanfall is the Sex


“Titanfall is the sex…”

Hello! My name is Aryel and I am a fatigued gamer, I’ve lead countless raids in World of Warcraft, attempted to be good at StarCraft and broken a controller because I lost a game of PES on Xbox LIVE. That said, I have to say it takes something special to get me going these days. I’ll admit that I am extremely jaded. Very few games capture my imagination, even less make me feel immersed in the whole experience. To top it off I’m a massive graphics snob. You know that little game called GTA V, despite the awesome voice acting, the monumental effort to fit such a content-filled world onto an aging generation of consoles, I still could not immerse myself in the game. You see to fit such an impressive world on-screen Rockstar had to forgo the whole anti-aliasing thing. Every line in that game is a fucking jaggie. I’m not joking, even the most simple lines are jagged. When most console gamers see a beautiful (kind of) recreation of LA, all I see is a bunch of jagged lines. To be honest it’s all rather disheartening.

So why then is Titanfall the sex then? This game is hardly a looker. Running on the latest version of the source engine it suffers from low res textures and perhaps even lower poly models, but it doesn’t really matter. Why can one game get away with looking sub-par for this new generation and another not? Gaming is all about how the game makes you feel and Titanfall is just pure sex. You start out small and soft as a pilot darting across the map getting handsy with walls, gunning down AI controlled grunts. This is foreplay, but soon things hot up. A hard as nails Titan drops from the heavens and you’re ready for the main event. This is where some major strategy comes in, do you focus completely on the Titan or do you leave it to its own devices and run around on foot? Whatever you decide, YOU have the power to create that very special moment.

I’m a multitasking kind of guy, so I like to let my Titan take all the attention whilst my pilot sneaks in from behind, mounting the opposition to great effect. Don’t get me wrong I love to pilot the Titan too. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better feeling than that great moment when you close in on an opposing juggernaut and deliver the kiss of death. And then you have the epilogue where the heat is turned up. The cherry on a delicious gaming cake made of Titans. Don’t fuck up now, you’ve worked so hard for this moment. The clock is against you, you just need a bit more time to get into position and escape the battlefield or gun down the retreating ship. BAM! Suddenly it’s all over. You may have won, you may have lost. You look back at the mayhem that has just taken place and you either want to go again or find yourself laying there asking to be held.

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