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Feedback Focus: Vids & Pics Needed!


Dont let your thoughts get lost in translation!

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who have got involved with our feedback section for PES 2012. It’s been amazing, with lots of people giving us their thoughts. What we’ll be doing over the next few weeks is collating all the data and feeding it back to Konami/Jon Murphy.

After some conversations with Konami UK, however, they have warned us about bringing long indepth paragraphs to the table. It might sound blatantly obvious, but with the WEP team being Japanese, these sort of things can sometimes be difficult to translate. What we don’t want is anything getting lost in translation.

So what we need? Videos and pictures! Especially pictures!

Luckily, some of you have been already posting pictures with their feedback suggestions (user K-Jay for e.g.). This is especially vital, as it’s easy to see what we’re getting at without any issue of being unable to speak a certain language.

So to set you on your way, here’s some examples:

Lots of edit mode feedback, especially from people who want to see old things returning. Why not take pictures of things like neckwarmers, low socks, boot editor from PES6? Then there’s things like being able to mix shorts and socks. Why not take pics of this from PES5? Finally there’s the much talked about attacking and defensive arrows you can set to an individual player. Again, why not use an older PES game to show this?

The example are literally endless, but I’m hoping it’s easy enough for all to create. As an added incentive to do this, and to stop the threads getting clogged up with too many pics, feel free to send all examples to wenbpes2012@gmail.com.

We’ll be sending the first feedback doc before the new year.

Thanks again for all your input!

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