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FIFA 10 Gameplay Producer Speaks


FIFA’s official blog – Off The Bench – has been updated with a new article from one of FIFA 10’s gameplay producers, Santiago Jaramillo. Check out the snippet below, and click here to read the article in full.

One such frustration that I wanted to make sure we addressed this year is how easy it is in FIFA 09 to play through-balls for your fast striker to run onto and get a one-one-one with the goalkeeper. Lots of people on the forums were complaining that there was no need for midfield build-up play and that teams with strong and fast strikers had too big an advantage – a problem that made online games very one-dimensional, as there seems to be no way of defending against the through balls. I am South American, so I’m all about midfield build-up! (Remember Carlos Valderrama? Oh, how I miss him…)

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