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FIFA 10 PC Notes


So you’ve read our FIFA 10 next-gen articles and you’re thinking, what about those who play FIFA on PC?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. This year EA have responded to those asking for further gameplay refinement, adding a new feature called “Team-Styles”. Once again here is a list of notes featuring everything EA had to say about the PC version of FIFA 10 during the presentations at both events.

EA’s response to next-gen

FIFA 10 gameplay fundamentals
• More responsive gameplay
? Slightly faster transition
? More fluid animations
? Improved heading and crossing
? Improved player switching
? Simple to do skill moves
? Auto-evade slide tackles

• Updated collision system
? Less colliding with team mates

• Improved teammate support
? Improved teammate support runs
? More passing and crossing actions

• Improved goalkeeping
? New GK distribution (pass based on Team-Styles®)
? Improved deflections and variation
? Quicker off the line in one-on-one situations

• Updated set-pieces
? Quick throw-ins and free-kicks

• Game settings
? New authentic game speed
? Legendary difficulty added

• 26 different team-styles
• Attacking and defensive style for every club
• Authentic AI will play more like real life team
• Commentary feedback as the play and style unfold
• Custom styles – 14 different options

Pre-match scout report
• Learn oppositions tactics and strong/weak players

Refined online gaming
• Fixed disconnect issue
• Fixed “ready to play” issue
• Fixed slow frame-rate issue
• Made logging in more straight-forward
• Friends list and messaging service

Refereeing improved
• Improved referee intelligence
• Improved linesman and referee animations

Graphical enhancement
• Untucked shirts
• New gameplay HUD
• More cinematic emotion
• Cultural NIS scenes
• Stadium attendances shown in crowd
• Supporters wear club colours

Finally, the big question… Why is there no next-gen engine on PC?
It’s down to the fact that not everyone has a high-end PC, but in time it will get closer. Currently only 10% of consumers have machines capable of running the next-gen engine.

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