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FIFA 10 Rumours Circulate


Chelsea fans; still bitter from that plonker of a referee ignoring 57,000,000* stonewall penalty incidents last night? (*Rough estimate)

If you’re a fan of FIFA, here’s something that might cheer you up a little bit. Well no, it probably won’t, it would probably take a free six-month early copy of FIFA 10 and UEFA announcing that last night’s match will be replayed to do that. But this is all I’ve got…

Over at Dutch gaming website NG-Gamer, which I’m told is a reputable website, an article has been posted which lists features rumoured to be in FIFA 10. They include, amongst other things; the addition of three new leagues (Argentinan, Romanian and Russian), international management and a stadium builder. You can see the article here.

Does it sound too good to be true? In my honest opinion, yes, but you never know.

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