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FIFA 10 Screenshots In French PSM3


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The first screenshots of FIFA 10 have arrived. Courtesy of the French PSM3 magazine there are scans on the web (and there’s discussion on the forums too), but with the NDAs in place we won’t be linking to anything here in-case it lands us in trouble. Please try and understand that we want to keep bringing you the news and we can’t do that if we break our agreements, even though we’re dying to tell you what we thought of our time with the game.

We’d really appreciate it if you guys (as excited as you are) refrain from posting links to the scans or videos that have been leaked in the forums – it’s an exciting time but once the NDAs expire we’ll let you know all of our thoughts and opinions on what we’ve played. So please, talk about whatever you want but don’t post any related links.

Thank you!

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