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FIFA 10 Set Piece Creator Info & Screenshots


One of the main talking points from today will be FIFA 10’s set piece creation facility – and of course EA SPORTS have provided us with screenshots of what it looks like and what you’ll be able to do with it.

Have a look at the following analysis by producer David Rutter, along with the screenshots.

  • Use select or back button to spawn the practice arena menu.
  • Select create new set piece.
  • From corner to corner around the box you have 8 zones to choose from.
  • The 2 by each corner represent free kicks and corner kicks in that area.
  • Using the right stick you can select any player from your team.
  • Using left stick you can move that player to a starting position.
  • Using O [PS3] / B [360] you start recording and move the player to follow a path.
  • Repeat for as many players on your team as you’d like.
  • Test or edit it.
  • Save it to a d-pad direction. You can have 4 set pieces per zone.
  • You can trigger any of the set pieces in that zone during the game during a set piece.
  • At the moment we’re not sure if we’re going to allow these to be used online.
  • It depends on how testing goes.

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