FIFA 11: First Images Released


The PES vs FIFA battle rumbles on for another year – and with the world knowing a lot about PES 2011, it’s competitor; FIFA 2011 – we know less about; virtually nothing bar titbits.

So we bring you the first FIFA 2011 screenshot; with John Terry and Andrey Arshavin taking centre stage.

EA Sports has released the first screenshots of FIFA 11, showing Rooney, Nani, Terry and Arshavin strutting their stuff in what’s bound to be the most realistic football video game to date.

The first screenshots of FIFA 11.This year’s game is shooting for player individuality, introducing a new feature called ‘Personality ‘ to inject an element of, well, personality into each player on the pitch. Players will be outfitted with their own custom poses and run animations, and each will have their own behaviour on the pitch to make them instantly recognisable during gameplay. Rooney will constantly chase the ball, for example, while Berbatov will stand around waiting for play to come to him. We did say it was realistic.

A new ‘Pro Passing’ feature also massively overhauls FIFA’s passing system, eradicating the ‘ping-pong passing’ problem of previous FIFAs by introducing physics algorithms which pick up on various elements of the pass, including ball height, spin and velocity, the player’s perception and pressure, and the angle and power of kick to produce contextual errors, and make passing feel considerably more natural.

You’re also able to record your own chants and have them play back at particular moments during a match.

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