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FIFA 11 News Blowout


Lots and lots of news has been coming out now that the embargo date has passed, so let’s have no messing about – here’s some more things you didn’t know until today.

Previews of the game have been posted by Eurogamer (click here), IGN (click here) and GameSpot (click here), while CVG have posted a brief article (click here) and fellow FIFA site Sweetpatch TV have posted their hands-on (click here).

You can also read an interview from GamerZines with producer David Rutter over here.

Some interesting tidbits are the revelation that handballs will now be available as an option (although the default setting is off), and even stranger than that, goal nets are now customisable in terms of both looseness and shape. Replays can now be saved to your hard drive, andthe 2010 FIFA World Cup penalty system will be in.

To end on, here’s a story that might make you smile. CVG report that work on FIFA 12 is already underway. Give the developers a break EA, for the love of…

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