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FIFA 11 Patch Available Now


Which calendar experts amongst you will realise is tomorrow! It’s been a little while since the details of the patch were revealed but finally we have a confirmed release date and time for FIFA 11’s newest patch. So without further a do the release details are as follows:

PS3: Available NOW
Xbox 360: Available NOW
Automatic update for connected consoles

As this patch is classed as an “automatic” or “mandatory” update it means you should be prompted to download and install the FIFA 11 patch BEFORE you get in to the main FIFA 11 menu. If you’re in to the main menu, with no patch installation, then your console hasn’t picked it up or it hasn’t been released yet.

I’ll be starting a brand new Virtual Pro Career Mode on Wednesday and I urge you all to do the same to find out just how much work EA have done to fix the rather poor team mate AI.

Get in touch and let us know your thoughts on the effectiveness of the new patch once it’s released.

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