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FIFA 12: Attributes Guide


In this weeks “The Backpage”, Darren Cross takes a look at the individual attributes that make up a players OVR, breaking each one down in turn and highlighting which attributes compliment one another.  We’ve pulled some of the best bits out below, but you can read the rest and view the best attributes to use for each position over at EA.com

This is purely about how long it takes a player to reach his top speed, so it needs to be considered alongside the Sprint Speed stat. Some players have a high Acceleration rating but only average Sprint Speed so, in their case, Acceleration becomes almost irrelevant – it’s no good getting to your top speed really quickly if that top speed really isn’t very quick.

Sprint Speed
You don’t need any explanation here, I’m sure. As with the Attributes above though, remember that Sprint Speed in isolation is less effective – it needs to be combined with Acceleration, Agility, Balance and Reactions to be unleashed.

Players with high agility can perform acrobatic shots or clearances, and agility also affects dribbling ability. If you’re a player who likes to run with the ball, Agility is one of the stats to keep an eye on. The higher the better.

This is another attribute that influences a player’s dribbling skill and, more generally, how responsive the player you’re controlling feels. If you have high stats for Agility and Balance then you’ll move fluidly and you’ll be able to get in or out of tight spots. Also, high Agility and Balance scores are needed to get the most out of fast players – even if you have 95+ for Acceleration and Sprint Speed, your player could feel sluggish and a little unresponsive if they lack Agility and Balance. It’s important to remember that when you’re looking at potential new players, as it’s easy to spend a lot of money on quick players, only to find they don’t feel to sharp due to low stats in other areas like these.

This will also affect how responsive a player feels. The higher the stat, the easier they’ll adapt to contextual changes – an attribute that’s vital for effective dribbling.

This attribute plays a huge part in FIFA 12. With True Injuries now occurring in game, it’s important to keep an eye on your players’ stamina levels, as tired players get injured. As well as affecting fatigue during a game, Stamina also determines how quickly a player recovers between matches.

Another attribute with more importance in FIFA 12. Your players Strength stat will decide how they cope with any physical battles, so a good score in this area is important for anyone with defensive responsibilities. It’s also a desirable attribute to have for at least one of your strikers, just to give you a chance in 50-50s with defenders.

This works in tandem with Strength; you’ll usually find that a player has high scores for both, rather than one or the other. Aggressive players generally win more tackles, but also risk giving away more free-kicks.

It’s all very well you being able to spot a pass from your sofa, but if the player you’re controlling can’t see what you’re telling it to do then the pass is going to be off. The higher the score in this attribute, the further the player will be able to see and so the better their passing will be – as long as they have a good Long Pass rating of course.

Ball Control
This determines two things; how well a player initially controls the ball, then how good they are at keeping it under control. It’s another attribute that’s very desirable for dribblers and also for strikers – you could have the best finisher in the world up front, but if he can’t trap a bag of cement then he isn’t going to get goals.

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