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FIFA 12: Cheaters Never Prosper


Nice bit of news this, unless you’re a cheating ****. EA Yasha has put a notice up on the Official EA Forums outlining their stance on cheating. It reads as follows:

We have just reset the leaderboard stats of a number of people who we have caught artificially boosting their records, including the No.1 ranked player on PS3 and the No. 1 and No. 2 ranked players on the Xbox 360.

They’re not ranked No. 1 and No. 2 anymore. They’re now ranked as low as it’s possible to get, as well as dropping back into Division 10. If we had a Division 11, just for them, that’s where we would have put them. If they try it again, we will take even more robust action.

Throughout the lifetime of FIFA 12, we will be monitoring game records and scrubbing cheats from the system every week. Anyone attempting to boost their accounts by manufacturing artificial wins – via any means – are easy for us to identify and will face a similar fate.

Moreover, if the means of doing so negatively and directly affect other people – such as using third-party tools to force disconnections – the perpetrators will receive immediate outright bans.

It’s great to see EA getting stuck into leaderboard wiping so early on and long may it continue, prefferably weekly, as stated.

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