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FIFA 12 Clubs: Roms Tweets


Senior community dude Romily Broad has taken a small break from gamescom to blast some new clubs details out via Twitter.

And here they are all nicely bulleted for you.

  • New and edited VP accomplishments. Eg, mids can now earn some defensive accomplishments.
  • Club invites/requests appear on main menu (not lost in player hub).
  • Friends Records has a dedicated screen.
  • More player stats in Clubs for mids/defenders.
  • New My Pro menu in clubs for easy access to editing pro and viewing accomplishments.
  • top speed for small pros has been dialled back a touch.
  • Added some long term, tough-to-get VP accomplishments for the hardcore fans out there.
  • Tuned unlocks so that the cooler items are obtainable by better players (shoes, gear, etc.)
  • Tuned some of the accomplishments, and added a few new ones around lay-off passes.
  • Better reskinned hub screen. Bigger area.
  • Tuned matchmaking to prevent games between clubs too far apart.

One important note, straight from the man himself, is that these aren’t to be seen as features, more tweeks.


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