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FIFA 12 Covers Stars Confirmed?


Hmm as I was stumbling around the internet taking in the gaming news on offer I came across a FIFA 12 preview over at CVG. Now the preview itself is nothing out of the ordinary and it covers the same ground every gaming site seems to have gone over already a million times before. But right at the bottom there’s a snippet of information about the games cover stars which may interest you.

“Wayne Rooney will still be a cover star, along with Iniesta and Kaka, for those who care about such things…”

Now Rooney and Kaka were pretty much a given based on the promotion media we’ve seen for FIFA 12 so far and Iniesta was on the Spanish FIFA 11 cover last year, but from this statement the Spanish wizard may have a more prominent role to play this time around.

We’ll await the first glimpse of the official FIFA 12 covers but it seems like these are your three main guys, so sadly no major change. You can also expect to see a host of regional cover stars too like Mats Hummels who will be on the German cover.

Who would your dream FIFA 12 covers stars be?

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