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FIFA 12 Creation Centre *Update*


Big day for FIFA 12 online content as we see the launch of the updated apps for both Ultimate Team and Creation Centre.

As anyone who has logged into Creation Centre recently will be aware, the changes are as follows…

  • Create a Tournament/League
  • Ability to use custom images as team crest and shirt sponsor
  • More shirt models and colours to choose from
  • More appearance options to choose from
  • More accessories
  • Ability to use licensed players, teams and stadiums

Although, some of those will be subject to holding an EA Sports Season Ticket. Boo.

We’re expecting it to come at the same time as the UT update, which will be some time after 5pm GMT.

We’ll be Creating an Official FSB team once the app is live, watch this space.

*UPDATE*: Due to unforeseen circumstances FIFA 12 Ultimate Team and Creation Centre have been unable to launch as planned. There is no ETA on a fix at this time, but we’ll keep you updated as and when they come online. Frustrating we know, but please try to remain patient, thanks.

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