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FIFA 12 Gets Massive FUT Update


Not to be outdone by the imminent release of FIFA Street, FIFA 12 has flown back in to the news as a huge update for Ultimate Team and EASFC is due to be released tomorrow on Xbox 360 and the day after on PS3.

The full patch notes can be found here, but a rundown of the most important updates are below.

  • To better keep you protected, you can now only send trade offers to friends.
  • A new trade notifications system will be deployed.
  • A new design will be released for the Trade Feed
  • You’ll now find a new Squad Wizard to help build and/or fill out your squad quickly.
  • Introduced the ability to copy a squad to create variations more easily.
  • The chemistry links between players will now be more obvious, with a bad connection coloured red, mediocre coloured orange, and good remaining green.
  • We have fixed the end-of-game disconnection error affecting some PS3 and PC users.
  • A recently discovered bug that allowed an Ultimate Team player to gain control of another player’s team has been fixed.

Security improved, PS3 disconnects sorted, could you have asked for more? The proof as always is in the pudding but we can’t wait for this to be released, it’s going to be a very good week for FIFA indeed.


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