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FIFA 12 Hub: The Dugout


We posted a few weeks ago asking for your suggestions on what the FIFA 12 Hub, which will be touring football grounds around the UK should be called and now a decision has been made by EA SPORTS. The FIFA 12 Hub will be formally known as…

“The Dugout”


Our suggestions, “The Love Shack” and “pALace Of Love” (UK FIFA Community Manager Alistair Reid reference) sadly didn’t make the cut but congratulations go to Scot Whitfield who will recieve a free copy of FIFA 12!

Based on the volume of EA SPORTS partnership announcements we’ve seen recently the FIFA 12 Hub will probably be visiting all of us door to door by release. But we really can’t see how playing FIFA 12 at the ground before a big home match can be anything but a good thing?

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