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FIFA 12 iOS Details


Those of you who follow me on twitter will be aware that I’ve been wanting an iPad for a while. Well now I REALLY want one.

Some details have emerged from E3 regarding the iOS version of FIFA 12, which will include the ability to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a control for the iPad version of the game.

From the video below, the controller layout doesn’t change from the one currently used in FIFA 11 on iOS, but when using a handheld as the controller, you’ll get a much better view of the pitch, unobscured by greasy thumbs. Possibly the best application of this though, is the ability to play multiplayer matches on the same screen. Yes, you’ll need an iPad and two iPhones or iPods, but if you’ve got the hardware, you’re in for a treat.

Using a secondary device as a controller frees up a lot of space, so this could open the door for tactical options, more HUD options and even the ability to swipe or “draw” shots in the same way the 3DS is planning to from set pieces.

It’s unconfirmed, but I’d hope that owning one copy of the game on iPad is enough to enable this functionality, at the worst, the controller app should be a free download.

Here’s a video of it in action.


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