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FIFA 12: Megafactories *Updated*


FIFA 12 is featuring on this weeks National Geographics Megafactories, with the documentary paying a visit to EAC to peak behind the curtain. We haven’t seen it yet, but we’re assured it features David Rutter and a very brief background appearance from Romily Broad. Possibly.

“FIFA 12: Enter the EA factory in Burnaby Canada and find out how the brilliant minds behind FIFA 12 took football off the field and turned it into a virtual masterpiece.”

The first showing is at 9pm this Thursday on National Geographic, Sky channel 543 or HD 526, and is repeated at the following times:

  • Thursday 1st March, National Geographic +1, 10pm.
  • Friday 2nd March, National Geographic, 1am.
  • Friday 2nd March, National Geographic +1, 2am.
  • Friday 2nd March, National Geographic, 5pm.
  • Friday 2nd March, National Geographic+1, 6pm.

Here’s a link to add the recording on Sky+.

It’s also on Dutch National Geographic at 21:00 GMT+1 on the Thursday 1st March. Thanks to Pr0xQuist for pointing that out in the comments.

It may be airing in other areas, depending on whether you’ve got the National Geographic channel. Apparently the show is called Ultimate Factories in the US.

*Update* The whole thing is now on YouTube if you missed it. Thanks to Krash for the link.


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