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FIFA 12 Online: "What we're doing"


EA_Yasha has posted a thread on the official boards with details of the work going on behind the scenes to help alleviate some of the issues people have online. As well as describing the reasons behind certain problems, he explains what is and isn’t in their control and what changes can be expected for FIFA 12.

  • Testing, testing, and more testing. We’ve done much more testing in other regions of the world, using differing connection strengths. In particular, we’ve had groups continuously working on that in Argentina, the UK, and obviously here in Vancouver. We’ve also done a lot more wireless specific testing, brought in better load testing for our servers and kicked off early pre-launch testing on our final, live servers.
  • Better tools: We’ve now got much better tools to help us debug issues in both gameplay and online code. One problem that can occur with gameplay (rather than online code) is the dreaded desync. This is where a very specific event in an online match somehow becomes interpreted differently by different people’s local games. When this happens, a disconnection will occur. It’s a complicated thing and affects any game with online modes, but when it happens in Clubs we know it can be very frustrating. We’ve spent a lot of time using our new, improved tools to unearth these gremlins and sort as many of them out as we possibly can for FIFA 12.
  • Better matchmaking: A lot of the problems people have experienced with FIFA 11 comes down to people being inappropriately matched for games. FIFA 12 will include improved matchmaking to prevent less than ideal matchups. Additionally, we have moved authentication and matchmaking servers (what we call ‘central’ servers) to Europe now, which will mean logging in and navigating online screens should be much snappier for most people.

Additionally they’re aware that certain issues cause many people headaches online, and fixes have been put in place for the following:

  • People using the ‘Flag Glitch’ to cheat their way up leaderboards.
  • Using ‘super teams’ in ranked play.
  • Working around base console security to access and change their Virtual Pro data.
  • Intentionally causing disconnects in Clubs with the ‘Trigger Glich’.

EA_Yasha signs off with this statement:

We will be closely monitoring the community once FIFA 12 launches and throughout its lifetime, but more than that – we have also built better tools for reviewing and punishing known cheaters.

Let’s hope they put those new tools to good use. Especially the ban hammer.

The above is just a summary from the thread. I strongly encourage you to head over to the EA Boards and read it in full.


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