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FIFA 12: Patch Details


The first proper FIFA 12 patch is now live. PS3 users will have already been prompted to download it and it’ll be live on Xbox 360 by the time you read this.

Details of the issues addressed are below:

  • Goalkeeper control in online matches: Based on community feedback and data analysis, the option to press select/back and have the CPU control your team online has been removed. The function will still be available offline.
  • Fixed a situation that would see the user in an empty FUT Store without button functionality.
  • Fixed a FUT crash when using custom tactics.
  • Fixed a hard lock that would occur when applying a Manager Contract after purchasing a Bronze Premium Pack in FUT.
  • Fixed a situation that would see some users being disconnected from FUT after five seconds of connectivity.
  • We have optimized the FUT server to speed up transactions.
  • Fixed a situation where the game would hang when downloading a Game Face.
  • Fixed a situation that would allow an online team to be controlled by other player.

I’m sure everyone will be pleased with the news that the goalkeeper control exploit has been addressed, as well some important FUT fixes, and pretty swiftly at that. Good start I’d say, but if there’s something bothering you that hasn’t been addressed, add them to the bug thread.

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