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FIFA 12 PC: 4th Most Pirated Game Of 2011


Everyone knows piracy on the PC is a massive issue for developers these days and for EA SPORTS in 2011, FIFA 12 sadly was not an exception as it ranked in the Top 5 Most Pirated PC Games of 2011 with only Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Crysis 2 coming ahead.

FIFA 12 on the PC was pirated an estimated 3,390,000 (yes million) times and on the Wii an estimated 860,000 times which along with the platforms where FIFA 12 didn’t feature in the Top 5 (Xbox360/PS3) still represents a huge amount of lost sales for EA just 3 months after release.

EA SPORTS caused a minor uproar during 2011 when they announced that FIFA 12 PC would not have LAN capabilities as a measure designed to discourage piracy, but from the figures above it’s clear that step hasn’t worked.

Piracy is a topic which touches a nerve for many gamers and some really big questions now need to be asked about how viable future FIFA titles are on the PC platform especially. So with that in mind..

Do you think EA would be within their rights to ditch the PC platform for FIFA 13 all together?

Source: TorrentFreak

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