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FIFA 12 PC Outperforming Consoles?


Based on some of the tweets doing the rounds today it seems that the PC version of FIFA 12 is indeed topping its console big brothers, especially in the graphics department. You’ll need a high-end machine to see the best results obviously, but this is huge news for PC fans who’ve had to put up with substandard versions of FIFA for far too long.

This latest news has come from the second FIFA 12 European press tour which today visited Paris demoing the latest version of Career Mode, which we’ll be getting out hands on next week. Anyway on to those tweets from our Belgian friends FIFABlog.be and David Rutter himself.

@FIFABlog Also PC is REALLY the same as PS3/X360. On a high-end PC it’s magic. #FIFA12″

@Ruttski it plays the same on all spec’s supported – you can make it prettier resolution on PC if you have the oomph!”

So more good news then for FIFA 12 PC which seems like its going to be the first genuinely competitive FIFA in terms of graphics and gameplay to hit the platform for some time. Will this bring back the golden age of mammoth FIFA PC “Super Patches” and updates? We certainly hope so.

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