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FIFA 12: Release Week By The Numbers


FIFA 12 is huge. Really really huge. To show just how huge, Romily Broad has put a post up on EA.com.

Having only been available across the globe for 5 days, FIFA 12 has already sold an estimated 3.2 Million copies. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • FIFA 12 for iOS has already sold 879,000 downloads.
  • More than 200 MILLION MINUTES of online play have been accumulated, which equates to nearly 170 years. In. One. Week.
  • The 1st of October was the busiest the EA Sports servers have ever been in a single day, with more than 10 million sessions played. nearly 8 million of those were FIFA 12 sessions.
  • Ultimate Team is already getting hammered with over 14 million trades.

Mind blowing figures, and there’s another 12 months to go yet.


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