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FIFA 12: The Demos


It’s going to be a busy day no doubt. Social networking sites and the internet in general will be buzzing as the majority of FIFA fans get their hands on FIFA 12 for the first time.

We’ll be using this post to announce when things go live. Currently the expected times, according to EASPORTSFIFA are as follows:

PS3 (N America) – 13th Sept *from* 2pm PST

PS3 (EU) – 14 Sept *from* 5pm

The PC demo was expected from 10am, but it’s already live. Link below. It’s from the EA website and it’s the one I’ve downloaded.

*UPDATE* The 360 demo is now live on the dashboard. Access it as follows: Game Marketplace -> Titles A-Z -> E – EA Sports FIFA 12

*UPDATE 2* A few users have experienced issues with installing the FIFA 12 demo with FIFA 11 still installed on their machines. The simplest fix is to back up your FIFA 11 saves, uninstall, then install the demo. Thanks to JC in the comments for his help figuring that out.

*UPDATE 3* There have also been issues with downloads stopping at 99%. One fix we’ve seen is to turn your XBOX off, then try to download again, it should skip to 98% then straight to 100%. Thanks to BlueOggster from the FVPA for that. Let us know if it works for you.


PC Demo EU Link – 1.5GB

PC Demo NA Link – 1.5GB (Thanks to Dude Dudette for the NA link)

XBOX 360 Marketplace Link – 1.42GB

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