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FIFA 12: Third Biggest UK Launch Ever


We all knew FIFA 12 was doing well in the pre-order department but it seems Fridays UK release was bigger and better than anyone could have expected becoming the third biggest UK game launch off all time. What’s most staggering is that FIFA 12 sold more than GTA: IV, wow…

As you would expect the sales were dominated by the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles with the latter just edging out Sony’s best for market share (54%). Sales on the other platforms were dwarfed in comparison although figures from PC downloads via EA’s Origin service have yet to be released.

So there’s only one franchise left for FIFA and EA SPORTS to topple and that’s Call of Duty, although I think a certain Battlefield game might have something to say about that later this year.

The phrase “smashed it” springs to mind… impressed?

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