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FIFA 12: Ultimate Let-down?


Not my headline, that’s the question asked by the BBC who’s Watchdog team followed up on a number of complaints regarding FIFA 12’s infamous disconnect issues with Ultimate Team on the PS3 and PC. The show aired on UK television last Thursday and the issue as we all know has finally been patched.

The timing of Watchdog’s investigation is somewhat surprising given the recent patch and the length of time this has been an issue but it still represents a slightly embarrassing blotch on FIFA’s stability record which hasn’t been glittering over recent years.

The good news of course is that the fix is now live and people are beginning to to receive compensation from EA for their troubles in the form of free packs, which doesn’t mean everyone will forgive and forget, but it does soften the blow a little.

You can catch the full Watchdog piece, including EA’s response on the BBC website.

Have you received your compensation yet? Let us know in the comments.

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