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FIFA 12 UT: Stay Safe


In the age of the internet nothing is safe. Not even a card based add on to a popular gaming franchise. UT is for some strange reason a prime target for scammers, or as I call them, wankers. We posted a guide to staying safe at the start of the year, but it’s time for a refresher. EA have put together a list of things you need to know to enjoy Ultimate Team without going through the stress of having your hard work stolen.

  • Phishing.

Some websites are spoofs. They cleverly (sometimes….) disguise themselves as the legitimate UT site to trick you to logging in and, in doing so, handing over your log in credentials. Here’s a handy URL comparison courtesy of EA themselves.

  • Redirects.

Redirecting is a technique used to first make a stop at the real site, before moving you on to the fake one. For example: http://www.ea.com/redirect?url=http://fakesite.com. EA Don’t ever redirect away from EA.com

  • Scare Tactics.

You may recieve an email or forum communication telling you that “your account has been suspended etc….” with a link to login and correct the error. It’s false. EA will never contact you about account comprimises.  If you recieve anything of the sort, ignore it and use the appropriate console/forum tools available to report the message.

  • Shared Squad links.

Scammers are also now using shared squad links to trick people into logging in to phishing sites. You don’t need to be logged in to EA.com to view them, so if you click a shared squad link and get redirected to a login page, don’t log in.

To read the full article including some extra tips for staying safe when using UT, head over to EA.com.


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