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FIFA 12: Webcast Roundup


So that’s it for the FSB coverage from the webcast.

We would have loved to have gone into this embargo lift with loads of detail on what to expect but the truth is, we can’t, as we haven’t played it yet. Everything we saw looked really promising, but we still don’t know how the new features will affect things on the pitch, hence the post disclaimers.

The good news is we will be playing it soon. EA are holding a community day on the 1st of June. Myself, Dave and Adam will all be attending and playing, as well as putting some other cool stuff together.

For now though, you can keep reading. Below is a roundup of other views on the recent webcast, I’ll continue to update as more posts go live:

Sweetpatch.tv –

A Webcast with the Devs

Revolution not Evolution

It’s All Kicked Off

GodisaGeek –

Gameplay Preview

I’ll leave you with a choice quote from the webcast, courtesy of Santiago Jaramillo.

“A whole greater than the sum of it’s parts.”

Let’s hope so.

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