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FIFA 13: 1UP Interview


After last weeks FIFA 13 blowout things went quiet again pretty quickly, but Scott Weber from 1UP.com has had the chance to sit down with Nick Channon, Aaron McHardy and David Rutter to discuss the new features of FIFA 13 and find out which they’re personally most excited about.

Nick Channon: 1st Touch Control. I think ultimately it’s the one that changes our game fundamentally again, like Tactical Defending. The way it’s playing out, I’m really excited about where it’s going to go, and give that sense of realism in our game. It creates more of a balance again and we talked a lot about that because it’s so important.

Aaron McHardy: I feel like the 1st Touch Control is as big a change as tactical defending and it’s a game changer and makes you think differently, those principles apply to trapping. It just feels now playing it, “well that was missing before.” When you play 12 it was definitely missing.

David Rutter: I think the first big a-ha moment was the work that the guys did on Attacking Intelligence. The first time we were playing and it was unbalanced because we just put it in, but the box was literally flooded with attacking support. That to me was a kind of like, “right, we’ve got it,” just need to tone it back — and we have done now — but the fact that when you’re attacking you’ve got so much more support, you’ve got options where you wouldn’t have had before.

Head over to 1UP.com to read the full interview.


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