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FIFA 13 At E3


If you missed last nights EA press conference from E3 you can catch-up with it here, the FIFA 13 bit starts at 41:48.

If you don’t have time to watch it, here’s a run through of what was announced:

  • All returning FIFA 12 players will carry their level and XP into FIFA13, meaning your seasons will start where they finished.
  • Returning FIFA players will receive a special bonus in the all new EA Sports Football Club Catalogue.
  • Players will be earning currency  as they play FIFA 13, which can be spent on kits, special celebrations “boosts” and “hundreds more items”.
  • FIFA 13 on iPad, iPhone and Android will be connected to EA Sports Football Club.
  • New iOS app, at launch it’ll provide access to your identity and friends, as well as access to FUT auctions.

So that’s that. We’ve grabbed some screens from the conference below, so you can see what these features look like, but it was an SD stream so they’re very small.

The web app is certain to cost a few people their jobs by giving you access to your FUT auctions on the go and the Football Club Catalogue certainly looks interesting, allowing you to spend your accrued XP on historic kits and different celebrations, although we’re not sure what a Football Club Credit Boost does.

Thoughts on the new features?


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